Mission: To be a positive force co-creating and sharing happiness




Health & Happiness lover. Endless world traveller and seeker of fresh adventures. He loves to eat soup with a big spoon, same as life. He describes himself as: I am, like you are, and almost the same as we are. He belives that LEMON L(love)E(equality)M(magic)O(one) N(nature) will save the world and that future is almost as bright as the name itself: Let the Lemon smile. Shake it, baby ;)


Gregor has broad experience in marketing, web and business development. He has been an entrepreneur as well as a startup mentor and advisor since 2005. He has been active in the blockchain space since 2014. Gregor is a privacy advocate, believes in lifelong learning and tries to practice stoicism.


Tamara is a renowned Slovenian social media expert and blogger, among others working for Smiley Lemon as the social media manager. Her interests include traveling (particularly SE Asia), theatre, contemporary dance and various festivals. She loves cats and other animals also - would save them all if possible. Someday she would like to become a digital nomad and spend all the winters in warmer parts of the planet but she loves Ljubljana too much to leave it for a longer time.


Sebastijan has been a part of the Smiley Lemon team since the early stages and likes to take on all the various roles that are needed for the movement. He refers to himself as jack of all trades and a cautious optimist, but not in a bad way :).
A digital nomad by heart and practice, his vision of a perfect home is a campervan with Wi-Fi and waking up every day to a different view. He washes his Smiley Lemon T-Shirts separately from other clothes.


Michal follows his personal legend. Video maker and post production alkemist. Capturing the magic with postproduction that camera can't grasp.


Gian is a Swiss entrepreneur; from construction to finance to blockchain. Among his projects, he cofounded BITY.com, a Swiss crypto exchange. He always wanted to do something fun and loving, useful and inspiring. Long time ago he met Fat. They got lost in the Amazonia forest in Peru; while cooking crispy rice on a fire, they sawan smiling lemon head looking at them, half hidden behind trees. On that day, an enlightning journey has started…

Company info

Smiley Lemon is a social enterprise that follows so called triple P bottom line guidelines: people, planet and only after that profit.

Mission: To be a positive force co-creating and sharing happiness.

Smiley Lemon Sàrl
Rue des Usines 44
2000 Neuchâtel

Write us at info@smileylemon.com

The Master Plan – part one

Elon Musk (Tesla Motors) is not the only one with a master plan. Here’s Smiley Lemon’s:

  • Bite the lemon

    Change yourself, change the world. By creating feel-good products and experiences we grow the movement.

  • Experience and share happiness

    It’s simple. The world needs us all to be happy. The sweetest fruit is the fruit of personal achievement and growth.

  • Give back to complete the circle

    Inspire others to bite their lemon. Donate Smiley Coins to start community projects and more. Connect.

  • Happiness to the people

    Create a decentralised platform, powered by Smiley Coins, so that everybody can start or support a community project.

How to support the cause and movement

Support can come in many ways. First and foremost is your own happiness. If you share this with the world, you’ve done a lot already. Second, spread the word. Help others and make them happy. Lastly, if the words here are resonating with you, you can become Smiley Lemon’s ambassador by wearing or giving the feel-good t-shirts.

We hope someday today you’ll join us and the world will be as one.