SMILEY LEMON Amendments  (we upgrade Moses 😉 )



Dont try to be someone that you are not. How does that work? It is pretty simple. Once you are true observer of who you really are, the heart is the one that gives you the right direction. When heart and mind are naturaly synced and connected is when you can really flourish and be the best possible version of who you are. Stop comparing to others. That is the biggest misconception in todays world. That is not your natural flow and it means you are going in the wrong direction of your natural path & universal alignment. Embrace your true self, love within you, compassion & honesty. Dont worry what others think about you, once you are honest with yourself this is not important at all.

  1. BE KIND

Others are reflections of who you are. Sooner you will realise that, better you will accept all your mistakes, and u will stop blaming others for it. Friends and people are here as a mirror to help us become best version of who we really are. When argument start be the first one who says »sorry«,  no matter whose fault or problem it is. It doesnt matter. There is no right or wrong. Its just the perception of our believe that makes us think so. Please respect fellow human being all animals and plants and treat them with love, compassion and respect. Treat all beings as u would like to be treated yourself. There is nothing wrong to talk to angels when u feel stuck and you see no way forward anymore. They are here to help us.


Yes its very hard not to judge people, but lets make it pretty clear and strait forward – DONT. You are wrong. It is your Ego talking to you. Your ego doesnt care about anybody but himself. It feeds on it and it honestly doesnt care for well being of others. We live here on our planet Earth in shared enviroment with all living beings. We are all unique in our own way. Its our experiences that are shaping our path. We are here together to finally embrace who we are – connected limitless energy of love.


and dont think you are something special, because you are not. We are all special in our own natural way. We all have some genious inside of us. The difference is that in some people is more hidden than in others. The difference is that some people follow their heart and do things with passion and others dont (for different reasons!?). Once your heart is aligned with universal energy you become the best version of you and you are transmiting love and compasion without thinking, as naturaly as sun produce the light.



  1. HERE & NOW

is all we have. The past is gonne and we cannot change it. We can just learn from it. The future is still far away and its pointless to worry about it. Present moment is the one on which the future depends. Focus on present moment, the rest will naturaly unfolds by itself. Trust in the process.



nothing is more important in this life than your health. Without health you cannot be happy. Under stress we tent to hold on to bad habits, such as overeating, fast food, drinking,  smoking, drugs, etc. First step is to recognize them and than find a way to change them with habits that benefits your life: healthy food, vegetable, sport, good sleep, honest friends. All this leads to healthier life, but please stop overdoing it. For instance stop running marathon as it is not healthy for your body. It is too much. Stop feeding the EGO showing others that you can do it. Nobody really cares, only your ego.


Breathing is what keeps us alive in this realm of dimension. Try to focus on your breathing several times during the day. Observe it. Focus on your inhale, exhale. Do it slowly and naturaly, this will help you release the stress and easily rebalance your focus. There are many breathing technics. Use ones you naturally feel it. Whatever feels good for you.



A lot has been said in the world about meditation. The only way to understand meditation is to start meditating. Time is now and stop finding the excuses. Without meditation you will never understand your full human potential, never (ignorance is a bliss in a very negative way). Any meditation technic can be helpfull. Find your own one, the one you feel it. We wish every human would do vipassana 10 day meditation, its life changing experience. Meditation should become your everyday practice if u wanna live healthy and balanced life, and reach heights of your full potential.


to poor countries, where everyday is a survival day. You will stop whining and crying about how unlucky you are. Once you have food and roof over your head and you dont starve, have good honest friends you are exactely where u meant to be. Some of us are very lucky to live in a geografically & climaticaly better parts of the world. Our duty is to help less fortunate ones. Every human deserves to breath clean air, have healthy food and somewhere to sleep. Its our obligation to be the change we wanna see in the world. We need to start being consciously awake. Time is NOW.

  1. SMILE

as much as u can. There is nothing more pure than a honest smile. Surround yourself with people who make u smile and share that smile with others. We are energy and our energy is transmitted to others, spread your joy. Its contagious. Together we can change the world.

  1. ONE

as laim and »stereotipic« as this might sound. Its not. We are all connected on a much higher level than we can understand with our own ground perception. We need to dig deeper. Behind the scenes there is magic happening every moment. When one part of the energy is weak on our planet (war, starvation, manipulation, etc.) we all feel it, without real understanding from where it comes. Its our responsibility to take control in our hands and to start being aware of who we truly are. Equal beings driven by the same inexhaustable force called LOVE.


Its needless to say that without nature we wouldnt be here now. Our duty is to perserve it and nurish it in all aspects. Littering trash around is a state of mind. When you throw a paper or plastic on the ground anywhere, please be aware that you are really selfish and egoistic and than go and pick it up. When you are littering the nature you are littering yourself and all the others around you. Its disgrace for a human race and we need to change that consciously now, before its gonna be too late.

I am sure you love your puppies (cats, dogs, parrots, sheeps, goats, cows, etc). They have sucha cute and lovely eyes and smile. Yes they do & yes they have soul too. Treat them with respect please. Universe create them to live in symbiosis with us, but we humans wrongly interpret that we need to eat them as we urgently need that for our health and wellbeing. What a lie – sucha low frequency. We are polluting the planet with industrial animal production and to be honest there is 99 procent of unhealthy meat in this world at the moment. Its time to open our eyes. Its old pattern for which there is no space in a new conscious world.

  1. PEACE

Once we reach the state of inner peace( once we accept who we truly are) life becomes a flow
.flow of love and acceptence of everything that comes our way.

We urgently need peace in the world if we wanna progress and evolve to the next level as humanity. War is nothing but a huge manipulation for the sake of few induviduals who profit from it. Selling us fear in a made up story. We honestly dont wanna hear this anymore. Please. Its enough. Stop it.



We always think that we cannot change anything and to be honest that is not true. We can always change ourselves. How? »Be the change you wanna see in the world«  Personal change is a journey and every journey starts with the first step. Smiley Lemon says that the first step of the journey is to bite the lemon. The lemon that has been waiting for you and you know it. You know it very well. Bite the lemon and experience sweetness of becoming your own hero of happiness. The universe needs you to be happy and your light to shine. Keep this feeling into infinity by staying healthy and having fun. While being grateful for every moment. Because this is what we got. Now.

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