The Promise

Create feel good experiences and products

100% organic and fair trade

10% of profits go to community projects

The prophecy and legend of Smiley Lemon

Once upon a time, in a far away galaxy, there existed a civilization similar to ours on planet Earth. However, this society was plagued with inequalities and selfishness. Instead of coming together to solve their problems and live in harmony, they only cared about themselves and their own interests. This led to the destruction of their planet , both physically and spiritually. The air was poluuted, the water was contaminated, and the natural beauty of the world was lost.

Hope seemed to be fading until the spiritual chief of the planet discovered a mysterious seed. Guided by his inner voice, he planted the seed and nurtured it with prayers and meditation. ASfter several months, a beautifull tree with yellow fruits, resembling the sun, grew from the seed. The spiritual leader named it LEMON, a word that represented LOVE, EQUALITY, MAGIC, ONENESS, and NATURE in their ancient language.

Curious, the spiritual leader bit into the fruit and was instantly enlightened. The power of the Lemon allowed him to see the problems within himself and overcome his egoistic behaviour. One by one, the inhabitants followed him and experienced the same revelation. The planet was saved, and a new era of harmony and happiness began. They named their new world Smiley Lemon planet.

From the moment on, the inhabitants of Smiley Lemon planet lived in perfect harmony. Hatred, stress, envy, and egoism were things of the past. They experienced true happiness and radiated joy. The power of the Lemon had transformed their lives.


Fast forward to modern times

Nobody knows exactly when but shortly after the Mayan prophecy of a galactic shift (end of 2012), a ray of hope, glee and joy was born right in the midst of scorching sun in the sunflower fields – or was it strawberry fields? While the answer, my friend, is still blowin’ in the wind, his mission is clear: To spread love, happiness and health. The messenger has become to be known as Smiley Lemon.

Since then Smiley Lemon has been traveling all over the world, creating and sharing the experience of happiness. As the times are a-changing, he also had to start a company to embody the idea presented. Smiley Lemon, thus, is registered as a social enterprise that follows so called triple P bottom line guidelines: people, planet and only after that profit. Profit is considered as a vehicle for future growth of a community that values peace, love, unity and respect above other. 

Experience Happiness is the key message of the Smiley Lemon brand. It reminds us that by looking within ourselves and overcoming our egoistic tendencies, we can find true happiness and live in harmony with others. Let Smiley Lemon be a symbol of Love, Equality, Magic, Oneness, and Nature, inspiring us to create a better world for ourselves and future generations.


Mission: To be a positive force co-creating and sharing happiness

The Master Plan – part one

Elon Musk (Tesla Motors) is not the only one with a master plan. Here’s Smiley Lemon’s:

Bite the lemon

Change yourself, change the world. By creating feel-good products and experiences we grow the movement.

Give back to complete the circle

Inspire others to bite their lemon. Donate Smiley Coins to start community projects and more. Connect.

Experience and share happiness

It’s simple. The world needs us all to be happy. The sweetest fruit is the fruit of personal achievement and growth.

Happiness to the people

Create a decentralised platform, powered by Smiley Coins, so that everybody can start or support a community project.

How to support the cause and movement

Support can come in many ways. First and foremost is your own happiness. If you share this with the world, you’ve done a lot already. Second, spread the word. Help others and make them happy. Lastly, if the words here are resonating with you, you can become Smiley Lemon’s ambassador by wearing or giving the feel-good t-shirts.

We hope someday today you’ll join us and the world will be as one.

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