An Unexpected Encounter at the Bangkok Airport

As I sat in the bustling airport in Bangkok, waiting for my flight back to Europe, an unexpected event unfolded before my eyes. A local celebrity was making his way through the airport, causing a frenzy among the crowd. People were shouting, taking pictures, and desperately trying to get closer to catch a glimpse of their idol.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the scene unraveling before me. It was both amusing and disheartening to witness the extent to which people idolize celebrities. I turned to the generous older man sitting next to me and made a passing remark, ‘That’s why the world is messed up.’

To my surprise, the man sitting next to me nodded in agreement and smiled. He seemed to understand my sentiment. We struck up a conversation, talking about our views on the world and how things operate in general. Our flights were 5-6 hours away so we had planty of time for discussing different topics.

As our conversation deepened, I realized that this man had a wealth of knowledge and experiences. He was intrigued by my perspective and appreciated my insights. In a moment of trust, he shared a few secretive pieces of information that are typically kept away from the general public. I soon realised he is very well connected with super infuental people around the world, including himself.

As our flight was called for boarding, the kind stranger extended an invitation to visit him in Manchester, where he lived with his large family, including several children. It was a gesture of hospitality and friendship that took me by surprise.

As I boarded the plane, I couldn’t help but reflect on the unexpected encounter at the airport. It reminded me of the power of connection and the richness that can come from engaging in meaningful conversations with strangers.

love & peace

Smiley Lemon

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