Cabo Verde – Sal island

officially the Republic of Cabo Verde, is an archipelago and island country in the central Atlantic Ocean, consisting of ten volcanic islands with a combined land area of about 4,033 square kilometres. These islands lie between 600 to 850 kilometres (320 to 460 nautical miles) west of Cap-Vert, the westernmost point of continental Africa. 

Sal (Portuguese for “salt“) is an island in Cape Verde. Sal is a tourist destination with white sandy beaches and over 350 days of sunshine a year. It is one of the three sandy eastern islands of the Cape Verde archipelago in the central Atlantic Ocean, (560 km) off the west coast of Africa. Cabo Verde is known for year-round kiteboarding….

I came here as my friend from Tarifa had his kitesurfing school here and he needed some help….Teaching was pretty interesting as we were teaching in off shore winds…and our students were connected to us with an elastic rope attached to our harnesses…it was defenitely and interesting experience…..teaching like this was way harder than normal conditions that we usually teach on kitesurf beaches around the world…..where the wind is blowing side on shore..

Kitesurfing at Riu beach in Cape Verde

Have a beautifull day and may all beings be happy

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