Guiness world record – VIRGIN (TARIFA)

Gisela Pulido – 10 times kitesurfing world champion
Aaron HAdlow – 5 times world champion – kitesurfing legend

Whatta epic event that was…..It was my first kitesurfing event on planet Earth….and it was happening in Tarifa (south of Spain)…..Closest european point to Africa (morocco -Tangier). Event was organized by VIRGIN (Richard Branson) and the goal was to set a new Guiness World Record of amount of kiters kiting at the same time on 1 square mile…We did it…

It was so much fun….kitesurfing with best friends and also best kitesurfers in the world ( among others Gisela Pulido – 10 times world champion & Aaron HAdlow – 5 times world champion) both of them kitesurfing legends… was great experience and i am looking forward to visit that magical place again back in the future….its for sure my special home…and one of the cradles of my life here on planet earth….VIVA TARIFA……te amooo siempre…

Wish u a pleasant day and may all beings be happy

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