How Soon is NOW

Daniel Pinchbeck Thank you very much for the most important book i have ever read. I must admit i felt it in every little Nevron of my body 🙏🥰…i couldnt agree more with what you have written. In my own words i would describe this book as an URGENT BIBLE OF NOW.

HOW SOON IS NOW is a MUST READ NOW !!!! Tommorow might be too late. PLEASE ITS MORE IMPORTANT THAN NETFLIX or QUICK FIX or worthless fake news on TV.

In HOW SOON IS NOW Daniel address the enourmous disconnect between our current activities as a species and the earth”s ecology. As we can see in the current situation going on in the world and also deep down, we all know that the current status quo cant continue much longer, since there are many signs that it is already starting to crumble.

In his book we are exploring 3 areas: -the technical infrastructure (agriculture, energy, industry and so on…)-the social or political economic sistem &-consciousness – the belief, values and ideology that are reinforced through media, laws and education..

Today, the radical reinvention of society – by global insurgency, mass awakening, spiritual intervention- seems more than necessary. It is something we must demand and do. If we dont, there may be no future for humanity. But the models provided by past revolutions are outdated…..

We therefore need some kind of revolution, but it cant be anything like the revolutions we have seen in the past.we need one to quote Dieter Duhm: whose victory will create no losers because it will achieve a state that benefits all..We must also make it a peacefull revolution – a gentle replace of the current political – economic sistem, not an explosive insurrection agains it. We need a revolution that is, at the same time, evolution and revelation…..

Our mission, if we choose to accept it is to bring human liberation – socially, politically, economically, spiritually.Next leevel of evolution as revolution will free humanity from empty consumerism and hyper-individualism. As we realize our interdependance, we will establish a global sistem based on mutual aid, where everyone is guaranteed basic security. We will learn to coordinate our functions within the symbiotic super organism made up of humanity as a whole in a harmonic relationship with the earths ecology. People will be free to be – no longer surfing waves of anxiety, guilt, status envy, fear, no longer driven to compete against each other for survival…..

What we will see in the future is not a further biological evolution of individual humans, but a social evolution, facilitated by technologies and social technologies. Breaking through the current obstacles posed by governments, the financial sistem, the cult of power and hyper-individuality, we will learn to build durable communities. A community is an assembly of individuals sharing the same interests and seeking the same goal – which can be as simple as a peaceful, happy life.Just like microorganisms in our bodies, which gave up some degree of autonomy to become integrated within a greater whole.We will form communities to gain increased self awareness and resilience – to enhance our happiness….

Immature ecosistems are characterized by competition and agression, while mature ecosystems are based on cooperation and sharing: our own bodies provide an example of this…..

The actions we take over the next few years are critical as they will determine the destiny of our children and the fate of our world. Accepting this crisis as our initiation, we can choose to evolve to the next level of consciousness as a species….



Wish u a pleasant day and may all beings be happy

Smiley Lemon

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