I FEEL sLOVEnia – WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS (finals in Istanbul)

what an incredible feeling that was….unforgettable fire and a once in a lifetime experience…..for a brief moment Istanbul was filled with Slovenians (5000 to 7000) ….everywhere you looked the Slovenian flag was flying….I happened to meet many of my friends from high school and university there…..we won in the final against Serbia…It was a pure Balkan final, which says everything about how good the ex-Yugoslav countries are in basketball….We saw the rise of a young superstar LUKA DONCIC….and MVP of the tournament was Goran Dragic…both amazing NBA players

At the entrance there was a problem with my head….apparently it was too big….and because of the terrible terrorist attacks Istanbul has suffered recently…., I had to wait 20 minutes for the police and security chief….when he arrived, I explained to him that I am as important to this tournament as the oksigen we are now inhaling…he understood and let me in…we gave him and the others around a high 5 and off we go……vamooooooos slovenia…

Kokoskov – NBA couch and couch of Slovenia

Have a beautifull day and may all beings be happy

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