Mr. Freestyler aka Firestarter

Coming back to Geneva was amazing. As you might know this was my cradle on planet Earth. Was lovely to see all old friends and i am very gratefull to met amazing new ones…. One of them was Mr. Boudali Hossni aka Firestarter. He wrote the famous song Freestyler (Bomfunk MC’s – Freestyler). He is incredible musician, singer, artist, kitesurfer, surfer, father and unbelievable talent in different fields of life. He was world record holder with kite on snow 130 km/hour till another guy smashed his record with 135km/hour. He was an ambassador in Finland & he is respectfully father of 10 children. I could write more and more about him but some things are better to stay between friends….lets rather listen to his “cult” song …..(he is also performing in the beggining of the video)

Have a beautifull day and may all beings be happy

with love SmileyLemon

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