Bite The Lemon


Here's the challenge:
Set your personal goal,
Share your bite and nominate your friends

Smiley Lemon’s 4 steps towards global happiness

Experience happiness from within while helping others and looking good: 

1. Accept your challenge

Wake up early, go to gym, work less, quit smoking, eat less sugar, have more sex, learn kite surfing, make a chocolate cake, draw a picture of your cat, knit a sweater with a norwegian pattern, finish the thesis, email a long lost friend, less facebook - more family, craft your own beer, say I’m sorry or You’re welcome, wear sunscreen, be your own master.


2. Bite the lemon

The secret to getting ahead is to start with the first step. Nobody said it’s gonna be easy but magic happens outside the comfort zone. Suddenly, You realise you’re stronger than you thought. A hero is born. 


3. Happiness is real when it is shared

Mission: 1000 bites for 1000 Happy days!

Share a photo or video how you bite the lemon. The first 1000 posts with #BiteTheLemon tag will trigger a donation worth 1 EUR, to provide for one happy day - providing basic income and covering existential costs for one day for one person. 

For more information regarding donations please visit




Important: How do we donate?

Once a day, at exactly 20:13 in the evening, we check Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for #BiteTheLemon and update the website accordingly. Transfer to charity is done for every 100 bites together.

Important! If you post a video on Facebook, set it to public, so we can see it!



    4. Nominate your friend(s)

    Being a friend means sometimes you gotta do a little push. Nominate your friends and keep the chain of happiness growing.


    Change yourself, change the world. Bite the lemon.