Smiley Grashka

One of the first testing drive with the new smiley van took us to the mountain farm Grashka, to the house of one of my best friend Martin… His home is located in the beautiful Koroska region of Slovenia…where his family grows organic food and also shares the natural habitat and happiness with donkeys…..u can see that love is all around us….it’s always a pleasure to visit this hidden Slovenian gem in a pristine nature…..I’ll b baaak… as Arniii would say 😉

p.s: “back in the future” Martin has founded the brand Grashka with homemade organic products … they are simply delicious and plant based and super healthy…..u must try them… it will be soon in many supermarkets in Europe 🙂 (

Have a beautifull day and may all beings be happy

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