….in the earlier stages of the day I just finished probably one of the most challenging days  I have ever experienced it in my life….physically & mentally….10 days vipasana meditation course …no contact with outside world…no speaking or eye contact with other meditators…no reading or writing..no religious or other practices…of course men separate from women…code of morality includes also celibacy (no handballing J and abstention from all intoxicants, like ciggarets, alcohol ….even ketamine …hahahha (fortunatly I left many of those impurities years ago)…10.5 hours of meditatons per day with some breaks for breakfast …lunch and half dinner fasting……starting at 4.30 in the morning and finishing 21.00 in the evening….

The technique itself is a practical way to examine the reality of one’s own body & mind ….to uncover and solve whatever problems lie hidden there, to develop unused potentical , and to channel it for one’s own good and good for the others….

It is the deepest surgical operation of the mind……thats why it is so exhausting physically & mentally …like in any other operations in the hospital it must be done protected from contamination that’s why operation must not be disturbed by any outside influence.

It is a path of insight into the nature of reality, a path of truth-realization ….In order to solve our problems, we have to see the situation as it really is.

The only way to experience the truth directly is to look within, to observe oneself. All our lives we have been accustomed to look outward. We have always been interested in what is happening outside , what others are doing. We have rearly, if ever, tried to examine ourselves, our own mental and physical structures, our  own actions, our own reality. Therefore we remain unknown to ourselves. We do not realize how harmful this ignorance is, how much we remain the slaves of forces within ourselves of which we are unaware….we must gain insight into our own nature in order to understand the nature of existence.

But in fact the universe exits for each of us only when we experience it with body and mind. It is never elsewhere, it is here and now…by exploring the here & now of ourselves we can explore the world. Unless we explore the world within we can never know reality..we will only know our beliefs about it, or our intellectual conception of it. By observing ourselves we become aware for the first time of conditiond reactions, the prejudices that cloud – fog our mental vision, that hide reality from us and produce suffering. We recognize the accumulated inner tensions that keep us agitated , miserable, and we realieze they can be removed. Gradually we learn how to allow them to dissolve, and our minds become pure, peacefull, and happy.

I deeply suggest u all of my friends, whoever and wherever u are to try this practice …..it will be very rewarding for each and everyone….as a by product….many psychosomatic diseases naturally disappear when mental tensions are dissolved. When the mind becomes calm and pure, automatically they will go away….

I have to admit I have been very lucky in my life…and I am very grateful for all the realizations I had throughout my life….and I am very grateful for all the experiences in vippasana which helped me purify & sharpen my mind even more to great expantions and it will help me to sharpening it more and more moment by moment…


In order to stay healthy and have fun….we need to share our love and compassion around us… we need to be aware of our actions in every possible moment..  share love with others (love in all aspects & all positions ;))… and positivity , joy and happiness will naturally spread around your mind like an orgazem J…with no expectations of any reward back whatsoever…we need to have pure minds in order to have pure heart…and only that way we can remain healthy & happy


Wish u a pleasant day and may all beings be happy

Smiley Lemon 😉


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