Smiley Luka “Magic”

Here and there some people with crazy skills are born on this planet Earth. One of them is defenitely Luka Doncic “magic” wonder boy. He catapulted himself with age of 21 as all NBA first team player. For all those who are not familiar with that term let me put on subtitles. He was selected in top 5 players of the whole NBA basketball league with the age of 21. And he has been selected in the first team for 3 consecutive years since than. (stats that nobody ever did before) Young boy being one of the best basketball player in the world is just crazy enough by itself. His nickname says it all LUKA “MAGIC”. He is a pure flow of magic playing with a big smile on his face. It makes him unique player and he is on the road to become one of best players in the world ever. “IMMORTAL Michal JORDAN” himself took him under his roof when he realised there is something special in this young wonder boy, that was never seen before. He is defenitely one of a kind and because of him a lot of young kids in the neighbourhoods are wearing his dress and are inspired by him. This year was the first year that brand Jordan (nike) made LUKA signature shoes. Today we are presenting you one of them who just recieved his new model of JORDAN LUKA 1 shoes and you can see he has a big smile on his face 🙂 We dont have any doubt that this young boy is on a path to follow his own personal dream (inspired by Luka Magic) and that he is happy to bite all the lemons that will came down his way. Good luck SMILEY LUKA MAGIC. We wish you all the best and never stop smiling. We believe in you.

Have a beautifull day and may all beings be happy

with love SmileyLemon

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